Movie: Attack of the mutant dick from outher space.

Time : 26 Minutos

Year: 2007


Attack Of The Mutant Dick From Outer Space (2005)
The Dr.Dickinson, a renowned scientist, is transformed into a huge human penis when exposed to gamma radiation while she masturbates in the toilet of the space ship on which he travels. Driven by a superhuman sexual instinct comes to earth to spread terror



                  Director:           Dani Moreno 

                  Script:              Dani Moreno /David Abellán

                  Photo:              Dani Moreno

                  Producer :         Dani Moreno

                  Music:              Jairo Moreno



                 Dr. Dickinson:             David Abellán

                 Mss. Agrasanchez:       Maria Lavarta

                 General Watson:          Dani Moreno

                 Dra. Petrikova:            Sol Charlotte

                 Dr. Hans Sparkasse:     Toni Vicente